Marina Bay is one of the bestdestinations to travel and explore the spectacular transformation of the modern technology and inventions. Marina Bay is in the central part of Singapore surrounded by other developing and vast areas, i.e., East, West Marina, downtown core and Straits view.
This area boost of hosting some of the world iconic hotels and other significant attractions. Marina Bay borderscentral civic and Clarke Quay district in the northern side. There are several remarkable building and skyscrapers and located in the area is the iconic Marina Bay Sands resort which is one of the most prestigious resorts in Singapore.

Marina One

The current state of the Marina Bay is as a result of remarkable transformation and high-class developments. This place was once a silent place at the mouth of Singapore River off Collyer Quay where passager ships docked. Big ships back in those days made a stop in the Bay to offload their cargo as they were not able to penetrate the Singapore River. Small boats ferried the good to warehouses which were along the river banks. In 1992, however,the government relocated them in other areas to open up the waterways. Plans to develop this area started way back in the 1970s with some stages of land reclamation.

Old To New

In 1973 the Singapore government allocated $300 million to ease congestion from the city by constructing a highway connecting Changi to Jurong areas. It was a milestone project that leads to the land reclamation off Nicole highway and Clifford Pier. As a result, a new location emerged known as the Marina center which was to host both commercial and residential developments. The government continued with land reclamation along the shoreline of Katongto Tanjong Rhu. This initiative gave rise to East and South Marina. The reclamation process had created an area of approximately 660 hectares which created the space for the development of Marina City. The procedure of land reclamation continued which gave rise to the current Marina Bay.

Marina Bay Transformed

The clear vision of Marina Bay emerged in 1983. The master plans and how the area would look like after development involved public inputs as they also participated in planning. One of the areas that the government spent a colossal amount was the rebranding of the Marina Bay, but
after the tedious task, they settled on original name Marina Bay. Marina Reservoir is a source of fresh water and helps control flood. The structure of the reservoir is a unique design which acts as a tourist attractions site.

The fracture in Marina Bay is at world class levels as its development is said to be the second from Japan. This area boost of tunnels which host water pipes and other utility services cables which run underground and serves the whole area.Efficient backup in case of emergency is in place and ensures a constant supply of all the services all the time. The city has seven rail stations which serve as the principal means of transport and more are still in different stages of development. BY 2020 Marina Bay would have the most comprehensive rail connection in Singapore. If planning to have an unforgettable place to visit Marina Bay Singapore is the place to go.