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Last Updated: Friday, April 10th 2020
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Review of Marina One Residences

Launched as an integrated development containing residential, retail, and Grade A offices, Marina One Residences has already caught the eyes of many interested individuals who have invested in securing a unit for themselves within the upcoming development. Developed by M+S Pte Ltd, the joint venture of the prestigious Temasek Holdings Pte. Ltd and Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Marina One Residences sales have been on the rise since the development’s initial launch a few years ago.

However, with the estimated TOP date set for this year – and the legal TOP dated for December of 2018 – the popularity of the units within this development have spiked once more as prospective buyers are eager to secure their spaces. As a residence that is expected to shine on its own level as a unique, luxury development located within the Marina Bay Financial District, the specs of the integrated development project for this Marina One Residences review are as shown below:

Project Name
Marina One Residences
M+S Pte Ltd
21 & 23 Marina Way
Site Area
Approx. 282,400 sqft
Expected Date of Vacant Possession
31 August 2018
Expected Date of Legal Completion
31 August 2021

As the luxury Marina One Residences TOP approaches, units are still continuing to be sold. The track record of the developer, as well as the nearby amenities the location of the development has to offer, have done much to attract prospective investors.

About the Developer

M+S Pte Ltd functions as a joint venture between Malaysian investment holding fund, Khazanah, and Singaporean investment company Temasek Holdings. The former is primarily responsible within its nation for making strategic investments on behalf of the Malaysian Government as well as manage commercial assets. Their priorities lie in sustainability as well as high performance as part of their company culture and values. The company invests solely in projects that show promise in actively developing the nation’s social and knowledge capital.

Temasek Holdings, as a sovereign wealth fund of the Government of Singapore, engages in a variety of innovative businesses and projects, including those within the realm of telecommunications, real estate, property, lifestyle, and education. The joint venture of M+S Pte Ltd is in the process of developing four land parcels in the Marina South area, including this promising Marina One Residences that caters to those interested in luxurious living standards.

Nearby Similar Developments

One reason Marina One has become particularly appealing to many prospective investors is its location at the epicentre of the Marina Bay Financial District. This contrasts with some others that are located along Shenton Way and Marina Boulevard. Marina Bay Suites and V, for instance, are other building developments located nearby. The Marina One Residences PSF additionally provides appeal in comparison to those mentioned above, coming in at a price that is likely to have been and continues to be appealing to prospective investors.

Also nearby are One Shenton and The Sail @ Marina Bay, located along Shenton Way and Marina Boulevard, and these developments were both completed in 2011 and 2008, respectively. In comparison to these other developments that offer somewhat less in the way of the benefits they may offer residents, the Marina One Residences price offers significant benefit to investors. Although the prices of the units are designated to suit an affluent audience, the premium prices of the available spaces are still comparatively affordable for the amenities and standard of living they provide.

Nearby Commercial Buildings

Investing in a unit at Marina One Residences offers exceptional opportunity in its close proximity to commercial buildings nearby. Marina One Residences offers particular advantage in its location within the epicentre of the Marina Bay Financial District, which makes it stand out among other nearby developments. Furthermore, as an integrated development, the residence offer prospective investors an agreeable level of convenience and a diversified living environment.

With post offices, Marina Bay MRT Stations, and Marina Bay Sands encircling the upcoming luxury development, the area thrives on a sense of connectivity, and will provide the utmost convenience and comfort for prospective investors of the development’s units. The accessibility of bordering nearby MRT Stations, as well as the Marina Bay Central Expressway, puts this development right in the middle of a promising future for the city and is suited for those that are looking to invest in a unit that will continue to flourish for years to come.

Enjoyable Shopping Opportunities Nearby

In addition to the plethora of commercial buildings nearby the residence, and the benefit living within close proximity brings, there also exist an abundance of shopping opportunities. As the lot is located within the Central Business District (CBD), one need only to wander alongside the rows of various shops and dining establishments for leisurely entertainment. The elegant and open atmosphere of the area offers investors a highly agreeable environment in which to sustain a social lifestyle of activity and connectivity with others.

While the development fares exceptionally well in its provision of amenities and comfort within the buildings themselves, what also makes Marina One Residences stand out from others is its proximity to appealing engagements outside. The convenience of its location within the bustling Financial District is sure to provide great benefit to those investors who are interested in indulging in a high-life residential space that offers warmth and a welcoming environment both inside and outside of their respective units. Those interested in further exploring the amenities and appeals of the inside of the development – which will include a gymnasium and children’s play area among other sites – may visit the Marina One Residences sales gallery, as well as the Marina One Residences showflat.

Marina Bay – The Government MasterPlan

The thriving global and business hub of Marina Bay has exciting plans in store for those residing within it, as an area has already served as a prominent successful example of long-term planning in Singapore. The growth of the district has been nothing less than significant since its reclamation in the 1970s and 1980s as an area destined to be a growing city centre.

The growth of the district continues, and as the first city in Singapore to play host for water activities, the area is always abound with interesting events for individuals to partake in and observe. The vibrant district has been based around many sustainable development strategies engineered through the Government Masterplan, and continues to grow in accordance with values of sustainability and connectivity. Ease of mobility has also been explored and further developed through the implementation of a network of designated cycling lanes, as well as easy access to public transport for workers, residents, and visitors of Marina Bay alike. Priority has been placed on creating a vibrant network of nearby shops and commercial buildings to increase the atmosphere of connectivity and liveliness that investors of Marina One Residences can expect to enjoy.


While the luxurious units within the Marina One Residences development have already received popular notice from those seeking a quality residential unit in Marina Bay, there are units still left to be sold. For more details on the upcoming development, prospective investors are encouraged to visit the Marina One Residences official website. In addition, for an updated price list, those interested may call today and secure their place in the promising residence located central in “Singapore’s Times Square”.